Who are we?

Bergen County, NJ Supports Israel & the IDF is a grassroots operation made up of volunteers who came together on Monday, October 9th to help with collections on behalf of Israel and our brave IDF soldiers, following the horrific terror attacks in Israel. We work in conjunction with other local organizations who are sending all types of supplies and humanitarian relief to Israel. The core team at BCSupports is made up of members from all different backgrounds and communities in Bergen County, New Jersey. We are united in our efforts to get crucial supplies to IDF soldiers on the front lines. We have received hundreds of videos and pictures of soldiers receiving our gear. Their gratitude and appreciation are what motivates us to continue this massive effort!

What do we do?

BCSupports specifically collects non-tactical military gear to deliver directly to IDF units. We have a warehouse in NJ where we process shipments of donated goods and pack duffel bags for Israel. With the generous cooperation of El Al Airlines we send these duffels daily on commercial flights. We have no overhead costs and 100% of our inventory is earmarked for the IDF and Israel.

How do we know what the IDF needs?

We have compiled a list of crucial supplies by working with direct IDF sources as well as monitoring unit requests. We modify and update our lists as needed.

How will my order get to Israel?

Orders placed on ShoppingforIsrael.com will be drop shipped directly to our warehouse in New Jersey. From there we will pack and send items directly to Israel.

Are you a registered non-profit/501(c)(3)?

We are affiliated with Lev Echad, a 501(c)(3) public charity, EIN #81-1447687, 224 Avenue N, Brooklyn, NY 11230. Purchases on ShoppingForIsrael.com are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.